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Labelling of GMO Food

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Much effort is being expent trying to legislate for mandatory GMO food labelling.  These efforts are failing and I think I know why.

Big corporations that own and produce GMO food are already well prepared to fight the labelling argument.  And they will always win this argument because they can make the pro-labellers look like whining self-centred middle-class nuisances through use of their scientific data and the propaganda that is then attached to their scientific conclusions.


They'll tell you that GMO food is the answer to world hunger and that by forcing them to label everything you are putting road-blocks in place to solving world-hunger.  If you accept their scientific results then this is the inevitable conclusion you must draw.

Demanding that GMO companies label their food as GMO is not nearly far enough.  GMO food is NOT food.  The demand must be to remove these dangerous genetically altered species from every place where food is sold, stored, served, consumed and produced.  It is a scientifically demonstrable fact that these modified organisms, and most importantly the pesticides they deliver to our bodies, is killing life on this planet.

It's time to stp arguing the debate about GMO foods on their terms.  Because they are ready to debate on their terms when they know they can always win.  I believe in having choices over the food we buy and consume, but I don't accept that one of those choices should be poison dressed up as food.

I'm not going to expend energy trying to convince GMO advocates of the dangers of these products.  This is just my opinion and you'll be wasting your time trying to convince me that GMO food is safe and that I should just get on and eat it myself.  You must make up your own minds, that's really what HM is all about.  Get your own information on it, use Google, use Bing if you think it gives better results, I don't care, just read and learn what is happening to peoples' lives as a result of GMO food.

Go read about the farmers in India that are commiting suicide when they have seen their livelyhoods destroyed by using GMO seeds or have fed GMO produce to their cattle.  Dead soil and dead cattle do not make a farm.

Go read about the mothers that have had to call the emergency services after feeding their children GMO corn.  When your child turns red and stops breathing it's time to call for an ambulance.  It's not hard to convince these people not to eat GMO produce.

Go read about the simple experiments people are conducting with animals.  When offered GMO food alongside organic or even regular food of the same type, animals of all types refuse the GMO and opt for the other food on offer.  Both types of food look the same, so what do these animals know that we don't?  Or better put, what do these animals sense that we do not?  If I am not sure about the fish I am about to cook because it's on the sell-by date, then I ask my cat.  She will never hessitate with her answer and she has never gotten it wrong.

Why do squirrrells take one bite from a GMO corn left freely for them to eat and leave the rest to rot in the place it was found?  Why would any self-preserving life form leave supposedly free food to rot?

Finally, if you feel strongly about the future of GMO technology in the food chain, then conduct your own tests.  Go out of your way to only buy food if it's GMO based.  Eat the food and observe your own body, experience your own health.  I want to make it clear that I do NOT wish to reccommend a course of harm for anyone, but then what I say above about the dangers of GMO food and what I clearly believe are simply here my opinions and in my opinion I reccommed that you don't eat GMO food.  But the choice must be yours to make

We must have the choice of what what food we put into our bodies, this is clear and rational already.  Simply putting labels on to GMO products will not save us from the dangers of GMO on the environment or the lasting effects it is already been shown to have on our bodies and our genes.  Labelling is for the convience of quickly knowing whether something is safe or not.  We need convenience in our lives because our lives are busy.  But if we don't put an end to this industry now then we will no longer have the luxury of convenience at all.

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