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Saturday, 07 December 2013 23:52

FREE Energy from Brazil

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Just been reading about the exciting news coming out of Brazil:

Inventors Nilson Barbosa and Cleriston Leal, of "Evolutions in Energy" (Evolucoes Energia) in Imperatriz - MA, Brazil, are claiming to have a commercially available, self-powered system for electricity generation.

They call it the "Earth-electron captor" or the "free-space electron captor" electrical generator, depending on how it is configured. Apparently, it is a system with no moving parts, no noise, which can be self-looped and mobile.

On their home page, they say that they have a unit commercially available that produces 39.6 kW at 220V while consuming just 440 W from the grid. That's enough to hand the peak load of two typical US homes. The pricing is not listed on their site.

From what I can gather, with my limited knowledge of physics, this device captures electrons in a spinning magnetic field, then using an inverter and a bunch of other stuff they are able to draw more power than they have to put into it in the first place.  I think this could be a real power generator with great potential for mankind.  The real trick though will be getting this technology out there.

Anyone with a vested interest in the generation of electrical power for a start.  Their business model relies on the repeated sale of a predictably priced fuel.  If you were growing potatoes to sell for a living you might not want to hear about the man who invented the potato printing machine.  The power companies will not like this one bit.  Then there are the oil companies.

Anyone with shares in oil right now should start looking at their options.  A sharp drop in the demand for oil will make a mockery of the current share price.  You might want to look at Bitcoin, that's doing great, although it will probably be hit a wall at some point, a thick strong wall, like those found in a bank vault.  The banks do not like anything that's free, so they are definitely not going to like this new free energy tech coming out of Brazil; they've had banking issues there already.

Cheap energy is not a plan the banks want to hear about.  A drop in the demand for oil means a drop in the demand for money itself.  This won't do.  They will likely plot to hinder the Brazilian company:

As will any self preserving government.

Governments only really like the changes they make, not the ones foisted onto them by outside forces.  Except when that outside force is the boss, change is something they'd rather avoid.  They strive to maintain the status quo and drive forward the agenda of that boss, not incorporate changes that insult the boss.  I can just see Cameron announcing with great relief how all of Britain's energy needs are now secured and what a welcome relief it is that his agenda, the one penned many moons ago by wise masters, will no longer need to be implemented.  "The crisis is over, we can shrink all of our operations both here and abroard... no more wars in the middle east, we have power a plenty!"

Of course, the people it will really upset is the military industrial complex.  Without the everlasting chaos ensured by scarcity no one will need them anymore.  They love us and want to make sure we are safe, but that means they have to fight the bad guys, and sometimes it means they have to hide things from us that might accidently fall into the hands of those bad guys.  Like things that have the potential to give them the edge over the current tech they are using to subdue the other.  I mean one thing just leads to another really, like soft drugs lead to hard we are told that soft, civilisation hugging tech will only lead on to hard, destructive tech to be used against us by bad folk.  Or so they say.

I am excited about this free energy emerging out of Brazil but I do worry about the foolish plan these geniuses seem to be employing to get this technology recognised and mass manufactured.  Free energy really is the kill-shot as far as the current power paradigm prevailing throughout the world today.  Without it the world continues on its path, the scarcity story will be told for generations to come.  With it and everything changes, a new story will be told to our children tomorrow and scarcity will be put in its proper place: a scarcity of 'bad' people.

I hope I'm wrong and this device is both real and successful in making it out in to the mainstream, but for now I'm holding off.

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