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I Am Not A Gentile

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I am not a Gentile, nor am I a Jew. Why let others define who you are?

These are the words of Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, from the settler party Habayit Hayehudi given during an interview for the Israeli daily Ma’ariv:

What will you do if the Knesset votes on a bill legalizing gay marriage?

No way. Also, a Jew cannot marry a gentile.

Is that the same thing?

We don’t recognize either of them. And anyway, a Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he’s gay.

The full interview can be read here. I am not often offended by my brothers when they say mean things, and I am not offended by Eli Ben Dahan here. If I were I would firstly need to identify myself as a gentile and I take the decision not to do so.

There's a fair deal of outrage regarding this quote out there in the web, some of it seems like hatred even.  And here's my point.  What use is hatred?  What good has ever come out of you hating someone else?  These are not trick questions, the answer is always none.  No good comes from manifesting hatred, only more reasons to create more hatred.  Eli can say what he likes, I'm not going to try to stop him.  He is the Minister for religious affairs after all, I mean, what do you expect from this guy?  He can hardly deviate from the Rabbinical texts, these are what form his opinions.

Of course, I do have my own opinions and these are them.  I will give my opinions as if I were being interviewed.

Q: Do you agree with the legalisation of gay marriage?

A: Yes I agree, but the question should really be "what business does a government have deciding who you should marry?"  It has none whatsoever.

Q: Do you think that a Jew should be able to marry a gentile?

A: Since I am neither I really don't have much place for an opinion.  I would never stand in the way of two peoples love and neither should the rabbi, unless he's invited to do so by the Jew and the gentile.  Perhaps the question should be "why do two people in love want to make a marriage contract with their government?"

Q: You disagree with marriage then?

A: I disagree with making unnecessary contracts and other legal obligations.  Marriage is a spiritual bond that demonstrates a commitment to one another, and can be arranged without the government's help or permission.  The sort of marriage the governments legalise and ordain are really just legally binding contracts into which two people may foolishly enter at their own peril.  Don't invite your government to your wedding.

Q: And finally, it has to be asked, do Jews always have a higher soul than gentiles?

A: If you are Jewish then it follows that it must be true.  If it were otherwise then it would make a mockery of that faith to suggest it wasn't true.  If you are not part of the Jewish faith, a Jew, then it matters far less how your soul is scored by that faith, you're not in the game and the methods by which you may be scored are irrelevant.  I give my soul a 10 out of 10, not because I wish to diminish any other soul but because I did the scoring.

You see, there really isn't anything to get excited about.  No need to all start getting our dicks out and waving them around, trying to be boss and go taking sides, when you can define who you are all by yourself.  No need to let others define who you are.  I am not a gentile, I am a free thinking manifestation of conciousness, a soul bonded to a body to walk the Earth.  I didn't come here to worry about what others think of me or to get angry when I have been judged.  When the time comes I'll do both the scoring and judging, until then I think I just got to try and love other people.


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