What Woke You Up?

What Woke You Up? (2)

Share stories of how and when you woke up and became conscious of the struggle mankind finds itself in? 

Saturday, 05 April 2014 01:27

The Inquisitors and Intrepidators

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The Inquisitors and Intrepidators of Theriton

'Theriton' - comes from the idea of the once upon a time theories. In Theriton everything already existed or exists 'a culmination of once upon and there up

Tuesday, 10 December 2013 02:04

We are all one

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From the top of my head tonight. Quite happy to reply to your response if you find this dispa in anyway. Love peeps here x

We are All One

I had a thought come into my head tonight, one of 20 within a minute as it goes.....

I had a realisation about a single thought, overthought, an underthought, a momentary social interaction, why am I trying to learn how to use Twitter, why I lack writing confidence, and frightened to network ideas?

My wishes to see a united global awareness and in it an unfullfilled me falling with me and only myself to blame for it, apparently, what was I doing to change the world afterall? unwell with no money, feelng pretty isolated, alone, without a voice? What had I done with that?

That meek and sametime confident girl, the soon to become bold woman, where had she gone now? Was she still here? Why couldn't I remember anything other than pain why not the mostly unreal good things​​​? where was my faith? my loyalty? any belief? Where is my Buddha in me?

I then think I am in danger of repeating some cycle again? Are we all one and real alone at the same time?

Then a final thought in that nanosecond....what I could do with my sudden epiphany in one of those lives whereby #weareallone or #wearerealalone, and then I thought about that moment...

what is wrong with thinking? I thought and then I saw that we really can live a life in every second.

Do you know that one?

I now have realised how many thoughts I had just had in that split second of a moment, and that second has just become eternal.

Although that only took a minute of my time to think about, it was #recoreceptical. A snapshot, of I can call it that even. Is that the right word I'm looking for? Where did all that energy just go?

Perhaps, to be continued in a place where hashtags are the way forward, and time is irrelevant.

#weareallone # alone or#realalone etc...

If only in an idealistic world we could resolve all our problems telapathically...

How do I explain to people I meet that this happens most of the time. Spare the thinking and linguistics...

You already have the answer, the knowledge, the key, to move on in your existence.


The premise of HM? Why do you ask?




If you do not encourage them, they will have courage without you. Chewy Goodhoof