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What is the question

Question the reason for being if at all you ever were?

That would be the next line…

It was an awful predicament when you didn’t know one day from the next, and then the next came and it was still the same again.

One couldn’t tell one day from the next. It was a bit like meeting the humans really. Never knew where they had come from, but it was easy to predict where they were going…..something like the self fulfilling prophecy.

Or maybe that is the one that was designed for us already?

Now I reprimand myself for putting up with collective sticker albums as a child growing up. I wondered why my parents would never subscribe to those things until I reached the day and age when my children expected me to do the same. I couldn’t unfortunately. Finances didn’t allow. Now I am sitting here with someone who puts my stealing a lighter before what is real. The problem here is in that I have drunken to much alcohol. As usual I render myself less than that to another person who would be or could be taken more seriously than myself.

I thought I was alone and then I realise that despite my misdemeanours I wasn’t actually lost at all?

Most days I wake up and wonder if my dream were a reality if I dreamt it at all.

What was that again?

I forget. I have just been remanded for forgetting my previous thought and getting confused now.

Havoc. Deigned!

I remember all those great comedians and actresses and actors so forth, those ones that that don’t show on TV anymore….and then further wonder why they are on a repeat reinvented TV programme instead today?

Well, that’s the control of Royalty for you!

That’s the control of a bigger picture beyond that which you are yet to see.

Maybe you won’t. There is thank goodness always a maybe…..

Wikipedia say that ‘deigned’ is unauthorised. What a surprise not or else we wake up tomorrow and find that it changed again!

Well, nothing changed actually. There is always an acronym chasing the tale of the synonym that didn’t meet its destiny.

A strange thing had been happening to me for a long time. In a nutshell I had a word I thought was a ‘new’ word that I would use to describe every situation. I have never written a list of those words and yet now I wish I had.

These words would come to my mind when I was particularly most uncomfortable with my situation.

Without being to vague, and very prolific to myself such a word as ‘deigned’ had come to me when in conversation. When I tried to look it up on Wikipedia, my first port of call, it was unauthorised. It was quite similar when I looked up ‘cryia’, ‘heuristic’, ‘shibboleth’, ‘dagenon’, to name but a few.


With imagination from Theriton syndrome...

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