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What is the question

Question the reason for being if at all you ever were?

That would be the next line…

It was an awful predicament when you didn’t know one day from the next, and then the next came and it was still the same again.

One couldn’t tell one day from the next. It was a bit like meeting the humans really. Never knew where they had come from, but it was easy to predict where they were going…..something like the self fulfilling prophecy.

Or maybe that is the one that was designed for us already?

Now I reprimand myself for putting up with collective sticker albums as a child growing up. I wondered why my parents would never subscribe to those things until I reached the day and age when my children expected me to do the same. I couldn’t unfortunately. Finances didn’t allow. Now I am sitting here with someone who puts my stealing a lighter before what is real. The problem here is in that I have drunken to much alcohol. As usual I render myself less than that to another person who would be or could be taken more seriously than myself.

I thought I was alone and then I realise that despite my misdemeanours I wasn’t actually lost at all?

Most days I wake up and wonder if my dream were a reality if I dreamt it at all.

What was that again?

I forget. I have just been remanded for forgetting my previous thought and getting confused now.

Havoc. Deigned!

I remember all those great comedians and actresses and actors so forth, those ones that that don’t show on TV anymore….and then further wonder why they are on a repeat reinvented TV programme instead today?

Well, that’s the control of Royalty for you!

That’s the control of a bigger picture beyond that which you are yet to see.

Maybe you won’t. There is thank goodness always a maybe…..

Wikipedia say that ‘deigned’ is unauthorised. What a surprise not or else we wake up tomorrow and find that it changed again!

Well, nothing changed actually. There is always an acronym chasing the tale of the synonym that didn’t meet its destiny.

A strange thing had been happening to me for a long time. In a nutshell I had a word I thought was a ‘new’ word that I would use to describe every situation. I have never written a list of those words and yet now I wish I had.

These words would come to my mind when I was particularly most uncomfortable with my situation.

Without being to vague, and very prolific to myself such a word as ‘deigned’ had come to me when in conversation. When I tried to look it up on Wikipedia, my first port of call, it was unauthorised. It was quite similar when I looked up ‘cryia’, ‘heuristic’, ‘shibboleth’, ‘dagenon’, to name but a few.


With imagination from Theriton syndrome...

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It's a natural occurrence that we do not consider the way we use our language on a day to day basis.

Instead what we did was to complicate things even further with the creations of jargon and the such like.

This enabled peoples to fit into a mould according to their day job surroundings, and thus alienating them from the other such formed groups, clans, tribes, whatever you want to name it.

Click here to vote or nominate on a new word that describes this under an umbrella.

What needs to be done is that language needs to be modernised with a simple and logical approach.

Click here to see recent additions to the Higher Messiah dictionary.

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'Theriton' - comes from the idea of the once upon a time theories. In Theriton everything already existed or exists 'a culmination of once upon and there upon …code.

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The Inquisitors and Intrepidators

The Inquisitors and Intrepidators of Theriton

'Theriton' - comes from the idea of the once upon a time theories. In Theriton everything already existed or exists 'a culmination of once upon and there up

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Interview with Jack True


I met Jack True in 1987 while I was working on my first book, AIDS INC.  A mutual friend introduced us one afternoon at the UCLA Biomedical Library, where I was combing through medical journals.

Jack seemed to know a great deal about medical-research fraud.  He pointed me to studies in the stacks, and then we sat down and had a long talk about animal research, and I learned more than I wanted to know about the cruelty of that industry.

I discovered that Jack was a hypnotherapist.  I had always been interested in hypnosis.  He suggested we meet again and talk about his research.  This led to many dinners at a Chinese restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

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The Dictionary of the soul





APRIL 24, 2007. It's like a cobweb supporting drops of fresh dew---and then the web burns away in the morning sun.

How do you describe a dream that is vaguely remembered as you come out of sleep and then fades away as you go about your business for the day? How do you convey the feeling and imprint of it?

Well, there is language underneath ordinary language, and it too fades away quickly.

This underneath language is like a web that connects you with feelings and places and people you don't know in a waking state.

This underneath language expresses your presence in a sea of rising and falling events---a different life than the one you are living.

This underneath language connects you to words that don't exist in any dictionary.

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DECEMBER 17, 2009. Taking a semi-break from medical/science issues.

Space is a collapsible item. It can be taken down like a stage set and later rebuilt, differently, in the twinkling of an eye.

Imagination does the rebuilding. And in doing so, transforms a life.

When I started painting in the fall of 1962, in New York, I experienced that in spades. Until that point, I pretty much assumed the world was the only space available.

In a small apartment in Manhattan, I painted day and night. I hung some of the finished work and the rest lay around me on the floor. To say each piece was its own world was not a metaphor, in my eyes.

It was an extreme confidence builder.

Imagination is always there: waiting. It's inexhaustible. It has no limits. It's not dependent on time or place. And in the launching of new spaces, it restores an ageless satisfaction.

The deepest Life has no clock. It doesn't creep along a line of advancing history. It moves out into endless improvisations.

I've posted a number of interviews I did with my friend and colleague, Jack True. Jack started out as a hypnotherapist, and then later changed his method of operation with patients, so that imagination became his primary tool. In the middle of one of our interviews, he said:

Let's face it. Without imagination, we'd all be dead. We'd be robots. We might be trained to perform acts, but there would be no life in us, just a current of minimal electricity to keep the whole show going. The paradox is, most of us deny having an imagination. Or if we'll admit it, we say we don't know how to use it. What is that all about? And then, on top of this immense lie we're telling ourselves, we say we want a better world. A better world for whom? Robots? Is that what we're aiming for??

At that point, I said, The most direct road to imagination is art. You can't really avoid it. If you use your imagination long enough and widely enough, you end up doing art. But that seems to be a dirty word. People avoid it like the plague. They think you're consigning them to Hell. Art? No, anything but that. I'd rather dig ditches than make art.

Jack laughed and pointed out the window at the street. You see that?? he said. That's what people claim they want. Reality as it is. No frills, no add-ons. They just want what's real. They keep saying it over and over, and that's what they damn well get. It's a full-blown phobia. So-called reality is the cover story everyone buys. And when you start to take the lid off the cover story, they protest. They're secret agents of reality as it is, and you're taking away their legend, their handle, their job. You're exposing them to the enemy. Except there is no enemy. That's a myth. When you explode the myth, you're left with imagination. And art. That's all. No one is bringing us a new world. We make worlds.


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What kind of religion would people make up if they laid aside their present beliefs and began their own metaphysical model of life the universe and everything?

If the holy man could lay aside his creator, if the logical mind could begin with something other than nothing then we may find a way to merge the qualities found in both men.  I don't mean to aim this at simply men, but I also don't want to sound pompous while using the word 'one' all the time.  This is aimed just the same at woman.  What if she that believes in the god could play a game with another that believed in the big bang of creation?  The game is about inventing your own religion, making up a belief system to explain reality.

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A nation is a group of people united by a common mistake regarding its origin and a collective hostility towards its neighbours; [1] Karl W. Deutsch: