Chezney Talks

Chezney Talks

Saturday, 26 December 2015 00:00

Merry politically incorrect christmas

Merry Politically Incorrect Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Hillary got schlonged by a climate change mouseWhite privilege snow covered homes and casinos
Suppressing the rights of all blacks and latinosGay presents were wrapped by the best non-white races
While parents tucked children away in safe spacesThey lie there confused in their organic beds
With visions of gender-change drugs in their headsWhen out on the roof there arose such a clatter
I dropped the remote to see what was the matterI thought it was cops, so I leapt like the flash
I turned off the porn and covered my stashAnd there to behold was a man on a trike
It was transgender Santa dressed up like a dyke!He wore a gray pantsuit with a hole in the center
Had a body like Midler and face like Jenner"On Honkey and Redneck and Bigot and Kike!"
Screamed transgender Santa dressed up like a dykeThey clattered for minutes with rooftop taps
Reindeer bitching and moaning about gender pay gapsThen down from the chimney came a disfigured mass
It was transgender Santa, twerking frantic bare assNowhere were presents or gifts in his sack
But a hand-written note, "I identify as BLACK!"Santa opened his bag and spilled to the floor
Papers with more victim slogans galore"I'm offended!" "That's hurtful!" "I think that was MEAN!"
Slick crybully slogans spilled over the scene"No more toys!" said St. Nick, "No commercialization."
"This year I give gifts of victimization!"The libtards rejoiced and chugged Coke to get fatter
While grubbing for food stamps 'cuz Black Lives do MatterMore poverty, ignorance, and Obama race-baiting
Means years of rewards for the party of hatingTo get what they want, they use madness of crowds
They just pull out a slogan and read it aloud!The media screams how their plight is unjust
While entitlement spending pushes nation to bustTransSanta lay a finger aside of his nose
Then snorted some coke and upwards he roseHe flew back to his sweatshop of obedient Elves
With Planned Parenthood baby parts stocked on the shelvesRejoicing Big Brother confiscation and theft
He said: "Happy Holidays to all; and stay trapped on the left!"


Sunday, 27 April 2014 00:00

Hemp Revolution

Imaginings bring me back to the subject of one of the biggest wonders of earths wonders. It's as monumental as history goes. Hemp. Updating the editorial today with another link on just that. There is so much information out there on this subject but rather than lecture you about it, see for yourself. I am thinking of buying some land, someplace (legally permitting), in order to be a pioneer in hemp farming. Watch this space. Less busy blogging these days as staying focused on my foreseeable hemp crusade whereby my whole lifestyle could perhaps be made from it, a house, indestructible clothing, medicine and even a sports car too. In the meantime I think it is important to us all that we find a way of cleaning up the toxins in our air, environment and our own bodies and as such this is useful information for us all, no matter what our dreams, and what the corporate regime dictates as best for you. Nature gave us this plant for a purpose, and here it is. Just use it at it was intended to be.

Saturday, 15 March 2014 18:02

Hemp cure for Fukishima

Some inspiration for everyone, interesting links here. The full moon told me to post stuff on Higher Messiah today...

Tuesday, 03 December 2013 21:36

Meet Your Strawman

A short and sweet innovative cartoon that explains where you stand as a citizen 'under' the government. This site is meant to be shared.


Monday, 18 November 2013 14:43

The Pineal Gland

All you need to know to maintain your pineal gland for spiritual growth and personal wellbeing.

There are seven Chakras in our bodies and the pineal gland is the 6th one. All of the chakras should be balanced for the optimal performance of the body and the mind. Pineal gland activation will help the 6th Chakra reach its potential, which includes clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, and dreaming. If this doeson’t have you convinced then hear this! Other benefits of pineal gland activation include telepathy and a greater level of perceptiveness that can go beyond this three dimensional world. There are three crystals in the pineal gland. The three crystals are apatitie, calcite, and magnetite. Apatitie helps with inspiration, spiritual oneness, and psychic enhancement, while calcite is for the expansion of ones powers. Magnetite aids with mediation, visionary purpose, and establishing our experiences in the physical world.

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

You should buy a fluoride free toothpaste. Start drinking spring wateror filtered water. Stop taking calcium tablets! Research is showing that calcium supplements, containing calcium carbonate, are detrimental for our health. Try finding a natural form of calcium by ingesting these foods: like sesame seeds, chia seeds, leafy greens like spinach and kale, quinoa, oranges and broccoli.

Mercury can be removed from the brain by taking chlorella, wheatgrass, spirulina, and the herb cilantro daily. Take Fish Oil, MSM, and Raw Chocolate (cacao). 

Juicing 7 raw lemons a day on an empty stomach with water for three weeks can help immensely because of the citric acid. You don’t have to juice all 7 lemons at once!

Eating 1 to 2 bulbs of garlic a day helps because it is able to dissolve calcium and act as an antibiotic. Eating black garlic is your best option!

Putting apple cider vinegar on your food helps because it contains malic acid.

Taking Oregano oil and Neem extract act as a natural antibiotic against the calcium shells. Also eating green leafy vegetables and ingesting these food sources: liver…goose and chicken are known as the best, egg yolks, a dish called Natto which is a fermented soybean dish discovered in Japan, sauekraut, fish eggs, and shellfish. Although I don’t advise seafood right now because of all the corexit being spilled into the ocean.

Ingesting beet juice which contains boron; which helps remove fluoride.

Ingesting the supplement melatonin daily.

Eating iodione filled foods and taking a supplement has been clinically proven to increase the removal of sodium fluoride from the body through the urine.

The pulp, barks, and leaves of the Tamarind tree help eliminate flurodies through the urine and it is widely used in Ayurvedic Medicine.

The Nigella Sativa (black seed) which is an herb that orginated from Western Asia contains 15 amino acids and has been shown it to be a detoxifier, anti-biotic, anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-bacterial, anti-bronchial and immune boosting agent.

Taking natural zeolites which is a natural occuring crystal. It also removes heavy metals like radiation. It is also known to attach to cancerous cells and stop their growth. It is a heavy detox agent against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens and environmental toxins (including fluoride), and is a major natural immune system booster.

Taking Chaga Mushroom which contains the richest source of melanin which gives us the pigment for our skin/hair/eyes and is a powerful antioxidant. Our pineal glands are hungry for melanin as it shields us from harmful UV light which then allows our pineal gland to regulate our circadian rhythms/cycles, thus regulating our sleep so we can heal.

Other Methods Besides Ingesting

Putting a magnet to the skin above your pineal gland (third eye) for a few hours a day will stimulate it. Magnets also help the body become alkaline.

Essential oils that stimulate the pineal gland: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Parsley, Davana, Pine, Pink Lotus, and Mugwort (excess use has a neurotoxin effect if inhaled directly). The mugwort makes sense because that is the main ingredient in absinthe but if taken to much can be fatal.

Chanting “OM” which resonates with the Fourth Chakra, known as the Heart Center, the seat of Unconditional Love. Chanting causes the tetrahedron bone in the nose to resonate and this resonance causes the Pineal Gland to be stimulated.

Monday, 18 November 2013 13:21


Today, we are not going to discuss anything to do with the corruption preventing cannabis from being legalized. We are not going to speak about dispensary owners being thrown in jail for providing medicine to sick patients. No bad news today. Instead, today we want to share the story of an incredible human being named Rick Simpson, who has dedicated his life to helping suffering patients (with all types of diseases and disabilities) with the use of natural hemp oil.

Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil Proves Effective In Curing Cancer

Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana activist who has been providing people with information about the healing powers of Hemp Oil medications for nearly a decade now. Rick cured himself of a metastatic skin cancer back in 2003, and has since then devoted his life to spreading the truth of hemp oil. He has met an absurd amount of opposition and lack of support from Canadian authorities, as well as pharmaceutical companies, government agencies for health, and UN offices. Despite that fact, Rick Simpson has successfully treated over 5,000 patients (free of charge), and believes that all forms of disease and conditions are treatable. He states that it is common to have all types of cancer and diseases cured with the use of high quality hemp oil as a treatment.

Rick has treated patients will all types of conditions including, but not limited to, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, depression, osteoporosis, psoriasis, insomnia, glaucoma, asthma, burns, migraines, regulation of body weight, chronic pain, and mutated cells (polyps, warts, tumors).

- See more at:

Sunday, 17 November 2013 22:55

A New Voice

We are living in a period of great change. The planets, the stars, the cosmos, solar flares, threats of warfare, it's wake, and us little ants on earth watched and watching from our terra ferma.

'The peoples voice' TPV, is about to be launched on November 25th, livestream news from around the world 24 hours a day. A magnificent platform for your voice to be heard, your thoughts and ideas to be shared, and your artwork, poetry and stories to inspire people to all use our imagination.

Monday, 11 November 2013 03:03

Time is now

In everyone’s life there comes a turn around point, and if there isn’t you hit the point of no return. In my case I have reached both and never returned, at least not the same each time. These life junctures had led me to firmly conclude that no person can be truly rational at all times. I for one have wasted too much time thinking about what is and isn't rational. The answer to which is self evident. I ask then what is your time to you?


a warning to the American people not to fall into the same trap as the Soviets, not to see only a distorted and desperate view of the other side, not to see conflict as inevitable, accommodation as impossible and communication as nothing more than an exchange of threats. JFK Commencement Address American University, Washington, Monday, June 10, 1963